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Aurora 18×18 Assembly Guide

Here’s the assembly guide for Aurora 18×18. Follow the steps in the order shown here should give you the easiest assembly.
(You can also download the PDF: Aurora18x18-PartPlacement )

I recommend reading my instructables of Aurora 9×18 (the prior version) to understand the overall process. Although I outlined the hot-plate reflow method, I now recommend hand soldering, because it’s simpler and quicker.

Some notes to share:

  • Tidy up the work area – it’s much easier to make errors when you work in a messy area.
  • Quality of tools and material can make a big difference. Temperature-controlled soldering iron is a must. High quality solder is also important.
  • Using thin solder wire seems to make a big difference not only with SMD parts, but with RGB LEDs as well. Due to the unusually narrow lead spacing of the RGB LEDs used. I use 0.015″ (0.4 mm) soldering wire.
  • Flux is also essencial for SMD soldering. I think a flux pen might be the easiest to use.
  • If you need to remove/re-solder parts, I recommend using Chip Quick removal kit. Although marketed as SMD removal tool, it’s very effective in removing through hole parts as well. (I don’t think I can build an Aurora without Chip Quick – I always end up replacing a LED or two, either I inserted in wrong orientation or they were defective.) (Now my air reworking tool is collecting dust.)
  • Good (bright) lighting is very helpful in seeing small details.

> Here’s the firmware.

>Start here. Click on the image on each page to move on the next step.

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