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Pocket High Voltage Generator Upgrade

Upgraded Pocket HV Generator Open Output

HV Generator open output voltage – limited internally to under 200V. The red LED lit up to indicate the voltage limit has reached.

The Pocket High Voltage Generator that I made a few weeks ago proved to be a very handy tool. I have been testing Zener diodes very often since I use many Zeners in 12V to 91V range.

However I wanted to give it a bit more power so that I can test Nixie tubes clearly – the previous design can only give less than 0.5 mA through most Nixie tubes, some digits don’t lit up completely.

I made some upgrades to the components to give it a modest 2 – 5 mA (depending on the voltage) output. While still keeping the same form factor.

Pocket HV Generator rev1A schematics

Pocket HV upgrade PCBA

Upgraded Pocket HV Generator Construction

Upgraded HV Generator can comfortably drive Nixie tubes at 1 - 2 mA of current.

Upgraded HV Generator can comfortably drive Nixie tubes at 1 – 2 mA of current.

Now this circuit has enough oomph to shock you if you accidentally touch the output! Not the dangerous level, but it IS shocking. Perhaps one can use this as an electric Jack-in-the-box…

I’m sharing the PCB design of this project. Which can be purchased or downloaded via OSH Park.

Order from OSH Park

USB Blinky!

USB Blinky in action

Every now and then, I feel like designing something really simple and basic. Blinkies are my go to circuit for the simple LED joy. Just ten parts and the two LEDs blink back & forth…
However I always find powering the circuit a bit of pain – if I use battery, I’d have to change the battery all the time. But using an AC adaptor is kind of messy. Then I realize that USB ports are everywhere – on my computer, on the side of my keyboard, phone chargers, etc. Being able to just plug a blinky into any of USB ports around would be fun.

So here it is, USB Blinky. I used thicker PCB material so that the PCB will fit into USB port nicely making the simplest possible USB plug.

USB Blinky schematic

- view detailed technical info and assembly instructions @ instructables

- purchase USB Blinky

Some Old Works of Mine

I was doing some clean up and found some old works from years ago…


Two LED Blinky