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USB Blinky kit

USB Blinky light in action
USB Blinky Parts

USB Blinky is possibly the simplest LED blinky kit out there. There are only ten parts to solder. The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) itself plugs right into an USB port. Thicker material is used for the PCB, so that it fits into the USB port nicely.

USB Blinky blinks at about twice a second. USB Blinky only draws little current (about 5mA) so any USB ports can power it.

USB Blinky is the perfect “Learn to Solder” project.

Kit Contents
2x 5mm Super Bright LED
2x 470 ohm (R1, R4)
2x 47k ohm (R2, R3)
2x 22uF Electrolytic Capacitor (C1, C2)
2x NPN Transistor (Q1, Q2)
1x Custom PCB

- view detailed technical info and assembly instructions @ instructables

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