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Aurora 9×18 and Aurora 18×18 pre-order deals

*** These pre-order deals have ended on midnight(EST) of April 8th (Sun).
Please refer to the current pricing here. ***

I have finalized the designs of new Aurora 9×18 mk2 and Aurora 18×18. Developing these things takes a lot of effort, time and of course, money.
I really want to make those Aurora’s available as kits, however I need a small capital to do so quickly. Otherwise I’d have to wait.

So here’s the deal, I will offer those kits at 20% discount until I have them shipping. Once the kits are in, the final prices will be $179 for Aurora 9×18, and $289 for Aurora 18×18. (At the worst case where I could not deliver those kits, your money will be refunded. PayPal will offer protection against non-delivery, so rest assured.)
I’m really hoping that with your help, these kits will be shipping within 4 weeks.

IMPORTANT: Like all other kits I sell, PIC microcontrollers are not preprogrammed. You need a compatible PIC programmer such as PICkit 3, ICD2/3, etc. to program the PIC. (PICkit 2 does not support the newer PICs used on those Aurora’s.) This is due to the fact that surface mount PIC need to be soldered to a PCB before being programmed.

Aurora 9X18 mk2 kit

Aurora 18X18 kit

Audio Interface for Aurora