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Aurora 48 Kit

Aurora 48 is a compact and thin profile full LED sequencer. It’s built entirely with surface mount components, so the profile is nice and clean.

  • Capable of individually controlling 48 Full color LEDs.
  • Each LED can be faded in 7 bit per channel - 2,097,152 colors.
  • Gamma corrected brightness curve for very smooth fades.
  • Simple, one button control.
  • 11 sequence pattern (as of firmware version 1.0).
  • Compact – 2.68 inch (68 mm) in diameter.
  • Thin profile construction (0.137 inch (3.5 mm) thick).
  • No leads sticking out on the back. Ideal for wearable projects.
  • Firmware is easily upgradable via 5 pin ICSP connection.

Please review the instructables before purchase – assembly requires some skills. You will also need PIC programmer such as PICKit 3, ICD 2, ICD 3 (PICKit 2 doesn’t work with the PIC used). If you don’t have a programmer, you can purchase the PIC programmed with the latest firmware.

- Detailed technical information at

- Aurora 48 Schematic-rev3a (PDF)

- Aurora 48 part placement (PDF) (revised Feb.18, 2013)

- Firmware ver.1.0 (aurora48smd-1.0.hex)

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Aurora 48 Sequence Video

Here is a video of Aurora 48 showing all of its preset sequence patterns. Watch it in full screen – it’s full 1080p HD.

Aurora 48 Preview

Here’s the new project that I’ve been working on.

Aurora 48 has 48 full-color/RGB LEDs, each individually controlled. Each and every 48 LEDs has 7 bit per channel = 2,097,152 possible colors. Like other Auroras brightness curve is gamma corrected so the fades are very smooth.

Using all SMT components, Aurora 48 is compact and low profile. 2.68 inch (68 mm) in diameter and only 0.137 inch (3.5 mm) thick.

Aurora 48 inherits most of its circuit from other Auroras before it. The controller is PIC24FV16KA304 (same as Aurora 18×18), however doubling the RGB bus by the help of a binary decoder chip (74HC238).

- Schematic-rev3a