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Audio Interface for Aurora – Through-hole version

Aurora Audio Interface Through-hole version

This Interface turns Aurora 9×18 mk2, Aurora 18×18 or Aurora 12 bar into the ultimate color organ. This is the through-hole only version of the same exact circuit as the original Audio Interface.

Aurora 9×18 and 18×18 Firmware Update

I discovered a bug that prevents start up at the power on. The condition is relatively rare, but if your Aurora 9×18 mk2 or Aurora 18×18 is suffering from occasional lookup at the power up, please reprogram the PIC with the updated firmware.

This firmware (version 1.4) is also revised to keep the speed change setting in the EEPROM (note: speed adjustment is only possible via IR remote), so that your set speed will be restored after power off/on.

Please let me know if there are any issues with this updated version.

- Aurora 9xx18 mk2 firmware: aurora9x18mk2-1.4.hex

- Aurora 18×18 firmware: aurora18x18-rev2d-v1.4.hex

Aurora 18×18 kit and PCB

The kit includes everything you need to build Aurora 18×18, plus mounting screws & nuts. Those screws can also help you when you solder in the LEDs, by giving the PCB a lift off the working surface.

The smallest SMD parts are 0603 size, which is quite tiny. Naturally it’s very easy to lose them while assembling. Since it’s not much fun having to buy those little parts because you lose them, I’m including a few extras for all 0603 size parts. There are a few extra LEDs included as well. Hopefully you won’t have to stop the assembly because you’ve lost a few parts.

View the technical info here.

- View the soldering/assembly guide.

The kit ships with a PIC microcontroller preprogrammed. So you do not need a compatible PIC programmer to assemble Aurora 18×18 kit.

*** Purchase Here ***

Audio Interface for Aurora

Aurora Audio Interface closeup

This Audio Interface turns Aurora 9×18 mk2 and Aurora 18×18 and Aurora 12 bar into the ultimate color organs.

Aurora 18×18 Final Preview

Here are some pictures of the final version of Aurora 18×18. Production PCBs will be here in 2 weeks time, and I will start shipping the kits as soon as I have the PCBs.

Interested in building one? See here for the pre-order deal.

What! Aurora 18×18!

I know I just announced the Aurora 9×18 mk2 to be arriving soon. However I’ve also been working on this big brother to Aurora 9×18 – Aurora 18×18. I’ve finished the prototyping and finalized the design. The above is the composite image of the final design. (outside diameter is 7 inches)

I couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you.

Please note that those are prototypes in this video. Two of them are slightly different, and the final version will be very much like between the two (as far as the LED layout is concerned).

Like Aurora 9×18 mk2, Aurora 18×18 has infrared remote control receiver, so you can use any remote controllers that can control Sony TVs to control Aurora 18×18 – mode/pattern change, speed control, pause, and power on/off. (All universal remote controllers I know can control Sony TV)

Provision for the optional audio interface is also there. (Update: here’s the video and the pics.)

Here are the specs:

  • PIC24FV16KA304 microcontroller
  • GP1UX311QS or equivalent IR remote receiver
  • 324 x 5mm RGB LEDs (common-cathode)
  • 3 x MOS FETs
  • 18 x NPN BJTs (Transistors)
  • A push button switch
  • Requires DC 5V, 500mA power supply (1A capacity recommended. USB power is ok)
  • Board diameter is 7 inches

(More technical info is here.)

Now I need your help to bring Aurora 18×18 into self assemble kits like other Aurora’s. In order to do that I need a small capital to start the production of PCBs, etc. So I’m offering a “pre-order” deal to speed things along.

Please view the post here about the pre-order deal. Hope you can help.

Aurora 9×18 and Aurora 18×18 pre-order deals

*** These pre-order deals have ended on midnight(EST) of April 8th (Sun).
Please refer to the current pricing here. ***

I have finalized the designs of new Aurora 9×18 mk2 and Aurora 18×18. Developing these things takes a lot of effort, time and of course, money.
I really want to make those Aurora’s available as kits, however I need a small capital to do so quickly. Otherwise I’d have to wait.

So here’s the deal, I will offer those kits at 20% discount until I have them shipping. Once the kits are in, the final prices will be $179 for Aurora 9×18, and $289 for Aurora 18×18. (At the worst case where I could not deliver those kits, your money will be refunded. PayPal will offer protection against non-delivery, so rest assured.)
I’m really hoping that with your help, these kits will be shipping within 4 weeks.

IMPORTANT: Like all other kits I sell, PIC microcontrollers are not preprogrammed. You need a compatible PIC programmer such as PICkit 3, ICD2/3, etc. to program the PIC. (PICkit 2 does not support the newer PICs used on those Aurora’s.) This is due to the fact that surface mount PIC need to be soldered to a PCB before being programmed.

Aurora 9X18 mk2 kit

Aurora 18X18 kit

Audio Interface for Aurora

Aurora 9×18 mk2 & 18×18 Technical Info

Here are some technical information on the new Aurora 9×18 mk2 and Aurora 18×18.

Aurora 9×18 mk2

Assembly Details

Will be posted on Instructables ( Meanwhile please view my Instructables for Aurora 9×18.


Parts List

  • 4x 47 ohm (0603)
  • 162x 150 ohm (0603)
  • 9x 220 ohm (0603)
  • 13x 1k ohm (0603)
  • 4x 10k ohm (0603)
  • 2x 0.1uF (0603)
  • 2x 10uF (1206)
  • 1x 22uF (1210)
  • 3x DMP3098L (P-ch MOSFET)
  • 9x MMBT2222A (NPN transistor)
  • 1x PIC24FV16KA301
  • 1x GP1UX311QS or equivalent (IR remote receiver)
  • 1x Tactile Switch
  • 162x Tricolor LED (common-cathode)


Aurora 18×18

Assembly Details

View my Instructables


Parts List

  • 4x 47 ohm (0603)
  • 324x 150 ohm (0603)
  • 18x 220 ohm (0603)
  • 21x 1k ohm (0603)
  • 4x 10k ohm (0603)
  • 3x 0.1uF (0603)
  • 2x 10uF (1206)
  • 1x 47uF (1210)
  • 3x DMP3098L (P-ch MOSFET)
  • 18x MMBT2222A (NPN transistor)
  • 1x PIC24FV16KA304
  • 1x GP1UX311QS or equivalent (IR remote receiver)
  • 1x Tactile Switch
  • 324x Tricolor LED (common-cathode)