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Audio Interface for Aurora – Through-hole version

Aurora Audio Interface Through-hole version

This Interface turns Aurora 9×18 mk2, Aurora 18×18 or Aurora 12 bar into the ultimate color organ. This is the through-hole only version of the same exact circuit as the original Audio Interface.

Aurora 12 bar – Kit and PCB

Aurora 12 bar is a simple, straight line RGB LED sequencer/chaser. Aurora 12 bar’s hardware is almost identical to Aurora mini 18. In fact only difference are (besides their shapes) the number of LEDs and the microcontroller that they use. Oh, and Aurora 12 bar doesn’t use a single SMT (surface mount technology) part!

In addition to all the animations that other Aurora’s can do, Aurora 12 bar also has the analog input ready. By hooking up to Audio Interface, you can turn Aurora 12 bar into a full-color sound/VU meter!

Aurora 12 bar is made with 100% through-hole parts. No surface mount parts!

Kit Contents
12x RGB LED (common-cathode)
3x 2N2907A or equivalent Transistor
1x PIC24FV16KA301 Microcontroller (Preprogrammed with the latest firmware)
1x Tactile Switch
12x 120 ohm Resistor
3x 220 ohm Resistor
4x 2.2k or 2.7k ohm Resistor
1x 10k ohm Resistor
1x 0.1 uF Ceramic Capacitor
1x 10 uF Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor
1x 33 uF Electrolytic Capacitor
1x Aurora 12 bar PCB
* 3 pin Molex connector shown in some pictures come with Audio Interface, and is not included in Aurora 12 bar kit.

Note: All Aurora 12 bar kits ship with preprogrammed PIC. You do not need a PIC programmer to assemble Aurora 12 bar kits!

- Aurora 12 bar Schematics

- Assembly Guide

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Audio Interface for Aurora

Aurora Audio Interface closeup

This Audio Interface turns Aurora 9×18 mk2 and Aurora 18×18 and Aurora 12 bar into the ultimate color organs.