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LIR2450 Li-Ion Battery and Charger

LIR2450 is a coin cell, Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. Physically the same size as CR2450, LIR2450 can be used as a rechargeable replacement to CR2450 in most cases.
This little battery has little over 100 mA/Hour capacity, with nominal 3.6 V output. This battery is perfect for powering a small project.
The problem (for me) was that there were only poor quality chargers available for this very useful battery. Since I could not find a good charger for it, I made one.

This charger is based on the popular MCP73831 by Microchip to charge Lithium-Ion battery safely.
The charger is very compact and plugs right into an USB port.


  • Compact design plugs into an USB port
  • Charge/Done LEDs indicate the charge status
  • Charge current: 45 mA typical
  • Charge time: about 3 hours
  • Dimension: 1.15 x 1.45 x 0.38 inches

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Limited Supply – Color Organ Acrylic Case

I have a limited supply of laser-cut acrylic case for Color Organ Triple Deluxe II available. This is one time offer, the cases won’t be available again once the supply is gone.
(The case kit does not include the knob.)

Audio Interface for Aurora – Through-hole version

Aurora Audio Interface Through-hole version

This Interface turns Aurora 9×18 mk2, Aurora 18×18 or Aurora 12 bar into the ultimate color organ. This is the through-hole only version of the same exact circuit as the original Audio Interface.

Battery Cases

Battery cases

Here are handy battery cases for driving Aurora with batteries. These hold two, three, or four AA batteries, and has a power switch. The cords are terminated with a 2 pin Molex female connector (standard 2.54 mm pitch), so connecting to Aurora is a snap.

Mini USB Power Adapter

Mini USB Power Adapter

Here’s an inexpensive and small USB power adapter perfect for DYI project that needs 5V DC power.

Audio Interface for Aurora

Aurora Audio Interface closeup

This Audio Interface turns Aurora 9×18 mk2 and Aurora 18×18 and Aurora 12 bar into the ultimate color organs.

RGB LED – 5mm, common-cathode

10 pack of 5mm RGB LED – common-cathode. Diffused plastic – same as the ones used for Aurora. (Also same as this one.)

5mm RGB LED – common-cathode 10 pack: $5.00

USB Power Cord

USB Power Cord for Aurora

Here’s a little addition that makes Auroras more desktop friendly. You can use this cord to power Aurora 9×18 mk2, Aurora 18×18, Aurora mini 18 or Aurora 9 bar and other kits from any USB ports. A standard USB plug on one end, and Molex 2 pin connector on the other end. About 24 inch long.

Color Changing LED – 5mm

10 pack of self color changing LED – 5mm, water clear type. Same as the ones used for Colour Night Joule Thief.
It’s a bit of “hard to find” item.

Color Changing LED – 5mm, water clear – 10 pack: $5.00